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Programme of Events

Court Sessions

Friday Programme:
Court Sessions currently operates as a series of monthly events- detailed on this page-
The County Arms, 345 Trinity Road SW18 3SH
Pub & nearby car-parks, three bus routes [77, 219, 319], plus overground to Wandsworth Common-

Friday September 28th..


           "Songs and Tales from the Land of the Midnight Sun"
    Taking inspiration from some of Sweden's greatest artists, Smörgåsballad is an evening of music and tales from the Swedish Summer. Banish winter blues by discovering the tradition of the Easter Witches, of what happens if you pick seven different wild flowers & put them under your pillow at Midsummer, or the real meaning of the midsummer majstång- participate in traditional drinking songs to celebrate the crayfish. Be introduced to the ancient cow horn, the willow flute, Swedish bagpipes and the ethereal nyckelharpa.

Enjoy a visual treat for the eyes and ears: be transported to the land of the midnight sun to enjoy "nordic noir tales", fall for their heroes and heroines, at all costs avoid the devil and never cross a nyckelharpa player...
with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer
[Smörgåsbord is a Swedish meal, served buffet-style with multiple hot & cold dishes of various foods on a table.
Smörgåsballad is a Swedish 'buffet style' offering of tales and stories]
Starts at 8.00pm- until some time after 11.00pm
Entrance: members- £8.00, non-mems £9.00 - membership £2.00pa
Along with the club residents: the Wandle Delta String Band,
plus Dave East & Doreen Leighter
Friday October 26th..
the eclectic origins of Appalachian 'Old-time Country Music'

Starts at 8.00pm- until some time after 11.00pm
Entrance: members- £7.00, non-mems £8.00 - [membership £2.00pa]

With the club residents: the Wandle Delta String Band,
plus Dave East & Doreen Leighter