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The Club's Background

Court Sessions

The Club's Constitution

"COURT SESSIONS" Traditional Song and Music Club was founded back in 1987, housed in the defunct Magistrates' Court in Garrett Lane that had become the Courthouse Community Centre [also now long defunct]. Funded largely [in those halcyon days] by the local council meant operating within a proper constitution, which includes that "a main purpose of the club is to encourage the performance and enjoyment of all forms of traditional song and music, from all parts of these islands and from elsewhere", and, among other things, that the club remains strictly non 'party-political'.

A short history of our club

"Court Sessions" was created by a group of singers and musicians with a shared interest in traditional music and song. Most of those originally involved now make up a sort of 'traditional song diaspora', though Dave East and Doreen Leighter are still central to the organisation: Tom and Barbara Brown, pictured below, and largely responsible for the club's creation, reside in North Devon, having taken early retirement from WBC years ago; they organise traditional music sessions in their Coombe Martin local. Ex-'Critics' group members: song-writer and architect Jack Warshaw lives in rural Hampshire, while Jim Carroll and Pat McKenzie have happily relocated from Wandsworth to the beautiful West coast of Co. Clare; Colin Meadows also took early retirement- also from WBC- and moved to Hastings, where for several years he organised the popular, annual 'Old Time Country Music' festival 'Sweet Sunny South'..

Two of the Club's Founders

Tom & Barbara Brown

Two of those still 'resident' at Court Sessions-

Doreen and Dave- at the Grove in Balham...