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Court Sessions

Friday Programme:
Court Sessions currently operates as a series of monthly events- detailed on this page-

Friday May 31st..
Due to the financial demands made by yet another new management team,
Court Sessions again has no regular venue-
If any members/friends of CS and lovers of all forms of traditional music have any knowledge of viable venues in South West London, please let us know by email...
Accessibility by public transport- getting to and from the club in good time, safely and reliably- is a major concern and has always been a constant problem in SW London.
"Yahoo" has been taken over, is currently closing down all 'group' sites
and will probably cease to function fairly soon.
We can no longer send group mail-outs to club members although we can email the club membership from the usual address...
We want to thank the English people for voting so overwhelmingly for  a]
the re-unification of Ireland into a secular 32 County Republic, and    b]
the re-establishment of Scotland's independence, and national sovereignty...
You didn't realise that is what you have done--  hmmm..?